¿Puede curarse la baja visión con ejercicios visuales?

Acabamos de descubrir este producto.

Personal Scope-EX (Eye training equipment) 

Unique product made in Korea

This is a new invention can make better eyesight. (MADE IN KOREA)
Just by only 5minuites eye excercise(Once trial),they can feel more bright vision. 

The effectiveness of this equipment is different by person’s current eyesight. But most of case,if they use it continually,they can recover eyesight at the stage up to no need of eyeglasses. (Acutually Inventor of this product make this product by his long experience. He had a bad eyesight long time ago,but he don’t wear eyeglasses any more.Training of Personal Scope-Ex well reflects experience and survey ragarding eyesight.) Also,strabimus and anisomtropia can be improved or cured by continual use of this equipment.

Theosis (Kangwon University 2012) / Nominated equipment of eye-vision care for students(China Ministry of Education)

1) Pilot Light 8)Slide bar 2)Switch 9)Light collection apron 3)Silicon Rubber 10)Card clip 4)Eye Lens 11)Battery cover 5)Object Lens 6) Band Loop 7)Training Card

FDA registered product(Registration Number:3008489834) Certificate : ISO / CE


**Eye training is processed by following procedure.
1)When you start button,It started with massage(Vibration) for 1minute.(Close eyes)
2)Shutter is opened,then see long distance.
3)Shutter is closed,then follow the LED light.(Eye training)
Procedure 2)&3) are repeated several times.
4)Massage(Vibration) starts.(Close eyes:1minutes),then exercise ends with buzzer sound.
Above whole procedure takes approximately 5 minutes.(This is once exercise)
Recommendable to use not sequently but intermittently. 3~5 times exercises are desirable per day.
The reason why eyesight get worse is that modern people mostly lives indoor under bright electric light. By this,they don’t see long distance,but have to see small texts in computer,TV,book. It’s desirable for them to use Personal Scope-EX just after a each work.

B)Training card By training card
They can check their current eye condition regarding Strabismus & Anisometropia,
Principle : When shutter of Personal Scope-EX open,each eye stares the light apartly,due to our eyes tend to follow the light.
c.f.>Strabismus(Outer Strabismus,Inner Strabismus)
In case of divergent[wall-eyed] strabismus,their center vision goes outside. On the contrary,center vision goes inside when they have convergent[cross-eyed] strabismus.
By continaul excise with Personal Scope-EX,their each eye repeatedly will see the light straight.
This exercise will improve their eye condition regarding strabis. As for anisometropia,we can expect satisfied result by the same principle.
We recommend them to use training card once a month to check current eye condition regarding strabismus & anisomtropia.
How to use(Training card)
1)Pull out the slide bar(At the bottom of SCOPE-EX)
2)Then put training card on card clip.
3)Afterthat see the training card while excercising through SCOPE-EX. If eyes are healthy condition,the training card will be showns as “B” (At below). Or not,if they use SCOPE-EX continually,the image will come closer and closer to “B” whenever they test.

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  1. Hola, me gustaria contar con este producto para mi consulta de optometrista


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